Facial rejuvenation with your own cells (Platelet Rich Plasma)

An exciting new approach which may appeal to patients seeking a more natural method to facial rejuvenation is now available at the Brighton Day Surgery.  Rejuvenation with your own cells using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

PRP was introduced into Australia about five years ago under the brand name Regen PRP.  PRP uses the beneficial function of the body’s own blood platelets to stimulate tissue regeneration through new collagen formation.

PRP injections are effective for treating or improving:

  • The area around the eyes,
  • Fine facial lines and wrinkles,
  • Skin tone and texture,
  • Full face rejuvenation,
  • Décolletage,
  • Dull dry skin,
  • Crepy neck, and
  • Back of the hand.

As well as skin rejuvenation PRP can also be used to treat scarring and stretch marks and promote healing in ulcerated wounds and sports injuries.

As the treatment uses the patient’s own blood plasma there is no risk of allergy and no foreign material is injected.

Some patients may not be suitable for this treatment. They may include those with:

  • Platelet Dysfunction Syndrome,
  • Critical Thrombocytopenia,
  • Hypofibrinogenaemia,
  • Sepsis,
  • Acute and chronic infections,
  • Skin disease or cancer,
  • Severe metabolic and systemic disorders,
  • Smoking or heavy alcohol use.


A free skin analysis  will be conducted by one of our highly trained Cosmetic Rejuvenation Therapists to determine the best treatment plan for you and to explain the expected outcomes, side effects  and costs involved.

Numbing cream is applied to the skin and approximately 8 to 16 ml of blood is collected. The blood is immediately placed in a centrifuge machine to separate the plasma from your red blood cells.  The PRP portion of your blood is then reinjected back into the skin to stimulate new collagen production and to re-energise the cells into rejuvenating themselves.


Side Effects

You can expect minimal side effects. There may be slight swelling and bruising for 12-24 hours and some patients may experience headaches.

Some patients may feel faint and a bruise at the sight where the blood was taken may be visible for 2-3 days.



Patience  is required, results are visible after 2-3 weeks and will improve gradually over ensuing months with improvements in texture and tone.

Dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxants can enhance results.

Advanced wrinkling cannot be reversed and minimal improvements are predictable in smokers and with heavy alcohol use.

Although you can expect to see an improvement after the first treatment it may take up to 6 sessions to achieve your desired outcome.

Treatment results vary however in most patients results will last up to 18 months.


We believe in 'for women by women'

We invite you to The Brighton Day Surgery where   we provide treatment for women by women. All of our friendly and professional staff maintain  the highest standards of service and care for our patients. Our surgeon is  female and we can organise all female theatre staff during your stay